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Practice Philosophy

Patient Health Benefits :

This definition of holistic medicine, adopted by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, epitomizes Dr. Warner's belief about what constitutes good medicine: Holistic Medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses care of the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. The practice of holistic medicine integrates conventional and complementary therapies to promote optimal health and to prevent and treat disease by mitigating causes. Holistic medicine is based on the belief that unconditional love is life's most powerful healer.

As a board certified integrative holistic physician, I have the skill and time to truly see the whole patient, not just their sperate parts. As a board certified gynecologist, I'm skilled at balancing hormones that might have gotten unbalanced due to cancer treatment. As the founder of an integrative practice, I work with a number of other providers who offer various therapies we can use to form a team or support for our patients/clients. 


Inspiration or Passion behind my practice :

My work is to educate patients in all the areas of healing that might be helpful to them, be it how to eat, how to move, how to handle their stress, how to quiet their minds. I help remind them that their bodies know how to heal, we simply need to find what specifically will support them where they currently are in thier path. Love is the true healer, and when we all remember this, healing occurs on many levels. 

Practice Specifics


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Licensure Information:

 TypeStateYearLicense Status
MD PA 1987 Currently Active


 Certification AgencyCertification TypeCertification LettersDate of First Certification
University of Tenn Medical Center - MD 1986
Temple University ObGyn residency - 1990
Board Certified ObGyn - 1992
ABIHM Board Certification in Integrative Holistic Medicine - 2002

Secondary Education and Training:

 College NameDegreeArea of StudyGraduation Year
University of Tennessee Knoxville BA Zoology with minor in Asian Studies 1981

Other Non-Degree Training:

 Name of ProgramLength of Training HoursArea of StudyGraduation Year
Usui Reiki Master -- -- 2001
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