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Integrative Oncology Specialist
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Practice Philosophy

Patient Health Benefits :

Keith I. Block, MD, is an internationally recognized expert in integrative oncology.  Referred to by many as the “father of integrative oncology,” Dr. Block combines cutting-edge conventional treatment with individualized and scientifically-based complementary and nutraceutical therapies.  In 1980, he co-founded the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Skokie, Illinois, the first such facility in North America, and serves as its Medical and Scientific Director.

The field of integrative oncology was formally recognized by the launching of Integrative Cancer Therapies (ICT).  In 2000, Dr. Block was invited by Sage Science Press to be the founding Editor-in-Chief of this peer-reviewed journal, the first medical journal devoted to exploring the research and science behind integrative oncology.  In 2007, ICT was accepted by Thomson Scientific for inclusion in the Science Citation Index Expanded™.

Dr. Block is the Scientific Director of the Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Education, where he has collaborated with colleagues at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Bar Ilan University in Israel.  Dr. Block is also on Dr. Andrew Weil’s faculty at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, the University of Arizona College of Medicine.  In 2005, he was appointed to the National Cancer Institute’s Physician Data Query (PDQ) Cancer CAM Editorial Board, on which he continues to serve today.

Dr. Block has more than 90 publications in scientific journals relevant to nutritional and integrative oncology.  Papers have been published in Cancer Treatment Reviews, International Journal of Cancer,Molecular Interventions,Journal of National Cancer Institute and the Breast Journal.  He is also the author of Life Over Cancer, published by Bantam Hardcover Books, in April, 2009.

His model of individualized integrative oncology continues to set the standard for the practice of this comprehensive approach to cancer treatment in the U.S. 

Additional practice information:

Our approach to cancer care begins with a thorough medical work-up and comprehensive set of assessments, which provide important information about a patient’s social and spiritual support networks, eating habits, physical fitness, body composition analysis, and internal biochemistry.  Among the biological characteristics we evaluate:

  • Oxidative damage
  • DNA mutation
  • Immune system functionality
  • Tumor growth factor levels
  • Inflammation
  • Stress chemistry imbalances
  • Tumor promoting genes
  • Tumor suppressing genes
  • Molecular chemosensitivity testing
  • Molecular nutrisensitivity testing
  • Quality of life and well-being status 

In addition, we provide a nutrition and biochemical assessment, a comprehensive molecular tumor tissue assessment, and nutraceutical-drug-pairing profile.  These data are used to create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that includes conventional cancer treatments as well as research-based complementary interventions such as therapeutic diet, selective supplementation, stress-care strategies, and prescriptive exercise programs.  This personal tailoring is a distinguishing feature of our hope-oriented, life-affirming approach to patient care, which is focused on boosting treatment effectiveness, restoring biological integrity, reducing treatment side effects, toxicity and resistance, and diminishing risk of disease recurrence, while laying the foundation essential to an enduring recovery.

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University of Miami Medical Doctor Medicine 1979
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University of Illinois Medical Center . Clinical Nutrition, Cancer and Immunology 1982
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