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Why buy any other bra
This at bra meet all my expectations that a post operative bra could give. It was comfortable, was long enough it avoid my incisions from my surgery and I could adjust it as my swelling went down. How smart is that!!! What can I say ' I LOVE IT'

Wish I had this for my last surgery! Trust me-you need it!
After having 2 surgeries; 1 augmentation without the Intuition and 1 recent revision WITH the Intuition Recovery Bra, I can honestly say this bra is amazing! It was low enough to where it didn't touch my incisions but it gave me the full support and compression I didn't even know I needed. The inside of the bra was so soft and necessarily gentle. For something you wear constantly during your recovery, this is the most comfortable option-I didn't want to take it off!

It is exactly what I invisioned!
I am one of the inventors of this bra and last September I had a unilateral revision, and I got to use our bra. It was helpful to have the adjustability and the comfort it offered, on each side independantly. Especially having had experienced the sports bra on my 2 previous surgeries. And then, this past June I got to wear it again, due to a rib injury.
The Intuition Recovery Bra has everything I wanted it to offer women. It was not fun having to need the bra, but it reinforced why and how we developed this bra.

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