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Enjoy A Healing Bath

I often recommend healing baths—including steam, vapor baths, and herbal diaphoretic therapy—to my patients as ...
Ashley Koff

Professional: Ashley Koff

Registered DietitianCancer requires nutrition solutions to manage health during & after treatment as well as to reduce risk of recurrence. Koff's personalized approach...

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organic india

      • Featured Marketplace: Organic India Tulsi Lemon Ginger Tea

        Did you know that there are many benefits to drinking tea? This Lemon Ginger Tea is full of antioxidants, relieves stress and helps with digestion. The combination of fresh lemon with pungent ginger is complemented by Tulsi's spicy flavor and transformative energy. Try Organic India tea today and awaken your senses. Try Some Today


      • Featured Recipe: Greek Yogurt and Berry Popsicles  
        by: Health & Nutrition Coach, Connor Middleman-Whitney

        Looking for a delicious way to cool down this summer? Still buying those garishly colored plastic tubes of frozen, flavored sugar-water? Get out of the freezer aisle and into the kitchen with this beautifully simple popsicle recipe. This is an easy way to get your family members to enjoy eating healthy.


    • Featured Video: Learn to Cook With Sandy Gargus

      In this brand new cooking video, Sandy teaches us to make a Quinoa Black Bean Fiesta Salad that is perfect for summer. This nutrient-dense, high protein salad will provide all the nutrition you need for a one stop meal. It also provides lots of leftovers for you to eat healthy all week long!
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