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With Friends Like These…

Today marks the birthday of a former friend. A close friend for over 20 years, she and I hit all the milestones tog ...
Heather Paulson

Professional: Heather Paulson

Naturopathic OncologistAre you ready to start feeling great? No matter what stage of the cancer process you are going through, I am here to help.

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breast amend

      • Featured Marketplace: BreastAmend™  
        by: ONCUCARE®

        BreastAmend™ is a unique integrative formula designed to promote optimal breast health. Created by oncologists, leading scientific researchers and naturopathic doctors - BreastAmend™ is personalized to your specific nutritional needs. Take their free assessment now and find the perfect one for you.


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Avocado Ice Cream

      • Featured Recipe: Avocado and Strawberry Ice Cream  
        by: The Block Center

        Looking for something delicious? Sure you are. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is not! Late summer days call for ice-cream and our bodies call for health. The Block Center provides a yummy, refreshing recipe for a delicious, homemade avocado and strawberry ice cream. Yes, we said avocado and strawberry.




          Here is a great exercise guide for breast cancer patients of all ages. This easy to read workbook by Connie Carson & Susan Lasker-Hertz provides a comprehensive program that can be incorporated into a busy schedule. Explore this perfect entry into resuming activity following treatment.
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