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It is clear. The same things that reduce health risks in the general population reduce the risk of recurrence as we ...
Andrea Rachel Leonard

Professional: Andrea Rachel Leonard

Cancer Exercise TeacherWhat are the Benefits in an exercise program for cancer patients and su...

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          Here is a great exercise guide for breast cancer patients of all ages. This easy to read workbook by Connie Carson & Susan Lasker-Hertz provides a comprehensive program that can be incorporated into a busy schedule. Explore this perfect entry into resuming activity following treatment. Download a free copy of the book here.



      • Featured Recipe: Wicked Watermelon Juice  
        by: Kendall Scott

        Our friend and fellow cancer survivor, Kendall Scott of the Kicking Kitchen, is providing you with a Free 7 Day Juicing Challenge. Here is a sample recipe.


    • Strength for Life - NY

      Do you want to enhance your recovery process? Strength for Life's vision is to educate cancer patients, survivors, and the general public on the benefits of incorporating exercise into their lives. Their services incorporate exercise classes, wellness retreats and prevention education.
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