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Choosing Safe Skin Care

Why is it important to choose safe cosmetics during cancer treatments? As a consumer, the average woman uses 16 per ...
Becky Kuehn

Professional: Becky Kuehn

Oncology EstheticianI am the Director and National Educator for Oncology Esthetics® US training spa professionals how to work with clients during their cancer journe...

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 Does your skin need hydrating?

        Try this 24-hour facial care cream. Brought to you by Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions. It has been approved by the Oncology Esthetics Association as being safe and effective for the special skin care needs of those undergoing treatment for cancer. Unique botanicals from the Alps like Edelweiss, Alpine Honey, Gentian and Meadowfoam Seed Oil stimulate the natural skin functions while supplying intensive moisture. Certified Organic by the COSMOS Association.


  • Featured Recipe: Sweet Potato-Coconut Soup  
    by: Rebecca Katz

    With soothing and healing powers, this soup contains plenty of nutrition, including B6 and potassium. Relax and enjoy the rich taste and comfort of sweet potato and coconut.


  • Effects of Treatment on Your Skin, What You Need to Know

    Oftentimes oncology patients have suffered really fragile, irritated skin from chemotherapy treatments. Tracy Lacina explains how Oncology Esthetics can relax and help cancer patients. Every patient’s treatment is different and requires individual care


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