No-Skeeter Spray Recipe


Reprinted from Mountain Rose Herbs

This formula changes a little bit each time I make it, but always turns out highly effective against the pesky little monsters. Generally, my recipes follow a “less is best” philosophy when it comes to essential oils, so please feel free to reduce the amount for less severe environments. However, if you are looking for a potent alternative to commercial bug spray, try this recipe and make any necessary adjustments in future batches.

Super easy

No-Skeeter Spray Recipe
Preparation time


For 4 Person(s)

No-Skeeter Spray Recipe Directions

  1. I discovered that the essential oil found in Catnip can be more effective than commercial repellent. If you’ve got fresh Catnip growing in the garden and the essential oil is a bit out of budget, try using a high alcohol tincture instead, which is what I like to do. Pure grain alcohol (95%) will totally dehydrate the Catnip, extracting the oils in about a week.
  2. Pour catnip tincture and witch hazel extract together in an 8oz  glass spray bottle. Slowly drip each essential oil into the bottle, counting with care as you go. Mix all ingredients in the bottle by shaking vigorously. Shake well before each use and reapply as often as needed.
  3. 4oz fresh Catnip Leaf tincture (made with 95% alcohol)
  4. The following ingredients can be found by clicking their names

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