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Cleansing the skin for cancer patients

How do you safely and properly clean your skin if you are undergoing cancer treatments?

Chemotherapy can cause rashes, itching, dryness and pigmentation.  Oncologic Surgery may cause scarring, bruising, increased sensitivity or success to infection.  Radiation therapy can produce redness, inflammation, pigmentation, or scarring to the skin in the treated area.

Erica Suppa, of Fresh Face Skin Care, a trained oncology skin care esthetician, gives us some tips on how to hydrate, soothe and maintain the integrity of your skin at this time.


By Erica Suppa


What’s your recipe for catering to clients currently battling breast cancer?

As women, we live in a world where the standards of beauty and youthfulness are set incredibly high. Even when we are healthy, it can often be hard to face the mirror.

Now, imagine that you have breast cancer, have had surgery to remove the cancer, had a mastectomy, and have lost your hair from chemotherapy treatments.  Envision your skin being dry and looking five years older than when you started this journey. A glimpse in the mirror not only reminds you of cancer, but also that your face and body are hardly recognizable.

What do you do? Go to a spa and see an aesthetician? Make an appointment with a dermatologist and hope they understand your new skin care needs? This is a dilemma that 231,840 women will face annually. If they show up in your treatment room, how will you help? Continue reading