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Strategies and Recipes from the Ayurvedic Summer Kitchen

Fundamental to any Ayurvedic self-care routine is the proper feeding and nourishing of one’s 5-elemental body. As an appreciative student of Ayurveda, I’m in awe of the logic and cohesiveness surrounding the guidelines for diet and food preparation. But putting theory into regular practice ~ that can be a tall order especially in the summer when the structured cooking routines of the rest of the year take a back seat to summer’s spontaneity.

garden freshWhat are those challenging guidelines? Foods should be organic, seasonally harvested and consumed, freshly prepared, appetizing and properly cooked, lightly spiced, moistened with high-quality fat, have wisely combined ingredients, be suited to one’s specific digestive capabilities, be taken at the time of day when the external natural forces best support digestion, AND to insure proper replenishment of the elements should contain the 6 tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent, and bitter). Foods should NOT be leftover, stale, unappealing, processed, canned, frozen, improperly cooked, out of season, or otherwise cause a disturbance to digestive fire, bioenergetic tendencies, or state of mind. (Whew!) Continue reading

Mushroom Orzotto; Anti-cancer diet

Inspired by traditional Italian risotto, this is a comforting and nourishing dish that’s easy to prepare and packed with anti-cancer nutrients: immune-boosting mushrooms, onions and garlic with their multiple cancer-protective effects, anti-inflammatory thyme and pasrley, and barley, a very low-glycemic grain that’s a rich source of fibers (which nourish our healthy intestinal bacteria and help to lower cholesterol), estrogen-balancing lignans and anti-cancer mineral selenium.

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Meatless Monday Eggplant Spinach ‘meatballs’

So, we have been cooking for a long time. During the past 4 years, more leaning to meatless meals.  Yes, sometimes more raw or ‘gads!’ vegan.

Tried these on Tuesday for ‘Meatless Monday’.  Yup, that is how it started.  The recipe comes from a blog we follow ‘oh my veggies‘ written by Ashley Jennings.  It is well photographed, well written and researched. A beautiful food blog. You should subscribe to her. Original recipe here

Well, let’s just day that, although we all try for ‘perfection’ whatever that is, we all need forgiveness. Not sure if the ricotta cheese or the spinach were too wet, but we should have noticed when our ‘balls’ did not look like hers on the cookie sheet.

[print_gllr id=6604]


Anyway.  This was a reminder to us that no matter what things look like, it’s the the taste that matters, RIGHT?

And, the taste was wonderful! Go make them. And watch out for how moist everything is.

We are going to do it again soon. Try, try again!