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Therapeutic Fasting and Chemo Side Effects

Supporting the whole person and managing the side effects of chemo is important in cancer care.

Listen as Dr Dave Allderdice, ND, FABNO, explores how nausea, fatigue, hair loss, neuropathy, vomiting and other chemo side effects can be reduced by utilizing therapeutic fasting along-side treatment.  Learn how naturopathic doctors support the whole person and provide healthy building blocks during cancer care.  Dr Alderdice also shares the importance of nourishing the body in-between chemo to undergo treatment in as healthy a manner as possible.

Naturopathic Integrative Cancer Care

Dr Tina Kaczor talks about how naturopathic physicians provide an integrative approach to cancer care. Their whole person approach addresses many concerns that conventional medicine cannot. Listen as Dr Kaczor talks about ways to lessen side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea. Hear more about the importance of gut health, immune support and simple lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Nourishing the Body throughout Chemotherapy

Sometimes in conventional medicine doctors are great at taking out cancer that’s there and giving chemotherapy and radiation when it’s appropriate. But they’re not great about the followup and why the body chose to kind of create those patterns, and those are the things I’m interested in. I think there’s a lot of other things than just killing cancer while you’re going through cancer therapy, and that’s a part of it obviously and it’s an important part. But the naturopathic doctor I think really can work with the foods, lifestyle, spirit, the right nutrients, the right herbs and things that just really help gently support and nourish the body so that as a woman goes through surgery and goes through chemotherapy she gets the best outcomes. And there’s a lot of research which shows that using the right nutrients and using the right foods and getting on the right exercise plan will absolutely have better outcomes in the long term.

It’s a beautifully powerful tool, it balances hormones, it balances stress levels, it brings circulation to the area. I mean there’s no drug that can do what exercise can do. And then of course the foods we eat. Foods are information for our body. So foods can turn good genes on, it can turn bad genes off. You know 70% of our genes are genes that can change with food and lifestyle. In fact there’s one study that came out in one of the British medical journals in December of 2011 and it showed that 40-45% of all cancers, all cancer, could be prevented by diet and lifestyle and not smoking. So eating organic food, exercising and not smoking. We could reduce almost half the cancers. That’s a very powerful medicine and I think we can use that information to really help patients realize that they can take control of their health, it can take control of their genes and really start making changes to prevent cancers from coming back and to prevent cancers from happening to begin with.


By Peter Bongiorno