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Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine has been used for over 200 years. It is commonly used as an effective tool to reduce the bothersome side effects of cancer treatment alongside conventional cancer care.   Now practiced by thousands of doctors and medical professionals in over 80 countries, it is a very safe option that has no known interactions with any conventional medicines.

Working with cancer patients, Dr Heather Wright uses homeopathy on a regular basis. We invite you to listen to her discuss some of the benefits that homeopathy provides for the side effects of cancer treatment.

Arnica montana

Arnica montana is a plant from the daisy family and grows in temperate and mountainous regions in Europe. It has been used for centuries and recently its properties have triggered renewed interest. It has many names, such as leopard’s bane or mountain tobacco1, from its various uses and also because the plant was not easily classified by botanists.

While its name is likely from Greek origin, it is mentioned in St. Hildegard von Bingen’s 12th century writings as a powerful aphrodisiac when applied to the skin of one of the two lovers. The powdered leaves of mountain tobacco were used in snuffing mixtures during the 17th century; the irritating powder stimulated sneezing for the user’s pleasure. The German writer Goethe praised it for having healed his chest problems. Like other very active herbs, Arnica was part of many compounds for all kinds of uses. Continue reading

Calendula for Radiation Induced Dermatitis

This is a picture of radiation dermatitis. This can happen in some women when they get radiation. The skin reacts and it can become very painful and obviously, uncomfortable. So there are some things, mechanically, that are very effective at helping to reduce the risk of dermatitis.

The first one I want to mention is Calendula. So Calendula is an herb that can be used topically. There’s a very important thing I want to say which is that you’d never want to put anything topically on your skin before radiation treatments because if you moisturize your skin before you get radiation, it can actually make that dermatitis worse. So you want to go in as dry as possible. But right after radiation, if you apply Calendula ointment, then it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the risk of developing this dermatitis. Calendula is very very indicated; very well documented therapy to help reduce this dermatitis.

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