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10 Tips to Boost Immunity

Taking care of your immune system is the key to getting well and staying well.

Incorporate these simple elements into your daily life and you can truly create robust immunity and vitality.

Adequate, Restful Sleep

Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk to your health care provider about supplementing with Melatonin which also supports normal antioxidant function. A normal sleep cycle is linked to reduced rates of cancer.

Regular Exercise

Make sure you get a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. Keep in mind that strenuous or prolonged exercise can have the opposite impact on your immunity. A 30-minute walk can meet your exercise needs while invigorating your senses and lifting your mood!

Nutritional Insurance and Supplementation

Take a high potency high quality multi-vitamin daily (iron free and copper free) check with your doctor first. It’s often hard to eat during treatment and your nutrient needs are increased. Taking a high quality supplement is a good insurance policy, especially if you struggle to get adequate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Protein is Crucial to Robust Immunity

Make sure you get 3-4 servings of high quality protein daily (or use protein powders, smoothies and shakes to supplement). Although plant based diets show lower rates of cancer, it is not required to be vegetarian or vegan to eat a healthy anti-cancer diet. Low immunity as well as poor wound healing is linked to inadequate protein intake.

Enhance Your Adaption to Stress

Ongoing stress saps immunity and resistance to illness. Consider incorporating Adaptogenic Herbs such as Astragalus, Ganoderma, Cordyceps, Ginseng, Eleutherococcus (Siberian ginseng), Ashwaganda, Agaricus, and Rhodiola (with the permission of your doctor) into your diet to support your physical body in managing stress. Balance this with 30 minutes of daily exercise and purposeful relaxation time.

Promote Healthy Intestinal Ecology Rich in Friendly Bacteria

Eat fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement (ask your doctor first). The health friendly bacteria in your gut is actually a vital and essential part of normal immunity as well as normal detoxification and inflammation control.

Supplement with Vitamin D

Ask your health care provider to perform a blood test to make sure your Vitamin D levels are between 55-80 ng/ml. Low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to increased rates of infection and increased rates of cancer. While it’s a good habit to get a 30 minutes of sun exposure in the morning or late afternoon to increase Vitamin D naturally, it can be difficult to bring your levels up to the ideal range without a supplement. I recommend Vitamin D Synergy with Vitamin K, but you can pick up a Vitamin D supplement at nearly any grocery store.

Mushrooms ImmunityEat more mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides and beta glucans that enhance normal robust immunity. Mushrooms are also rich in Selenium which has been shown to be a vital nutrient to normal immune and cardiovascular health. Tip: you can also get a daily dose of Selenium from just 2 brazil nuts daily! Be sure you do not have a food sensitivity before you incorporate mushrooms into your regular diet.

Try Acupuncture

Natural Killer Cells are part of your immune system’s army that specifically targets viral infections and tumor cells. Acupuncture may trigger your body to produce more Natural Killer Cells, boosting your immunity and resistance to infections.

meditate immunityMeditate Daily

Meditation doesn’t require yoga pants and a zen garden. Just find a peaceful or quiet space and clear your mind for at least 20 minutes once or twice daily. Meditation not only has a positive impact on immunity but also on mood, sleep, concentration and memory.


By: Dr Nalini Chilkov

Keys to Avoiding Deadly Skin Cancer


Summer is coming. Take these 3 easy steps to protect yourself and your family.

I grew up and still live in Southern California. I have spent my life in the sun, and most of my younger years with no thought of protecting my skin from sun damage.

Having a tan was “cool”, even a sign of health! Now we know better.

I am careful not to be out in the midday sun, to use protection, do regular self exams and see my dermatologist 1-2 times each year for a thorough exam.

I also make it a point to eat a diet rich in protective antioxidants.  This is pretty easy to do if you “Eat the Rainbow” and fill your plate with colorful and deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables.  I have included a chart for you below.  It’s my favorite way to eat!!!
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One Disease- Cellular Disease

The conventional medical model lists hundreds of diseases and thousands of remedies for treating these diseases or their symptoms. More than 40 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug and one-in-six takes at least three. There are currently over 600 approved cancer drugs. In no time at all, this palliative approach will have you taking a pill for cholesterol, a beta blocker for the heart, calcium for your bones, and so forth. In most cases these remedies are prescribed for alleviating or controlling the symptom(s), as in the case with blood pressure medication or insulin for diabetes. Meanwhile, the initial causes of the disease are rarely addressed. Often, practitioners of the alternative medicine model will do the same. They prescribe enzymes for poor digestion, antioxidants for low immunity, etc. I call this approach of treating the symptom, “fighting the battle and losing the war.” What then is this war that we must win?


In a “purist” holistic health perspective, disease (non-health) is demystified. Let’s be realistic. Disease and its symptoms reside first at the cellular level. Let’s even be scientific. We are made up of hundreds of trillions of living intelligent cells which in turn make up our organs, bones, tissues, blood and brain. In this model, unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, which we name disease. It is safe to say that once you are diagnosed with a disease, the problem is usually systemic and bigger than just the symptoms. Usually, the causes that lead to disease are manifested in every cell of your body for some time before symptoms arise. We don’t catch diseases, we make them. In the holistic view, disease occurs at the cellular level.

Let me describe cellular disease in four points:

1) Once symptoms begin to manifest, most cells may be toxic and deficient in nutrients and energy. They are likely less efficient in conducting their myriad of metabolic activities including repair, detoxification, growth, and regeneration.
2) At the next level, due to cellular inefficiencies, the organs are now less efficient in conducting their own metabolic role(s). For example, with hypoglycemia, the pancreas is sluggish in regulating the blood sugar with insulin.
3) Realize now that the brain organs: hypothalamus, pituitary (master) gland, and the pineal gland, collectively known as the governing level responsible for overseeing all metabolism, are also affected by this cellular disease. They are rendered less efficient in controlling critically important metabolisms like that of blood sugar, pH (acidity/alkalinity), and even each beat of the heart.
4) Aggravating the problem, after years and often decades of metabolic inefficiencies (improper pH, blood sugar, temperature, fats, etc.), the cells, the organs, and the endocrine glands have become misprogrammed to tolerate these negative behaviors. The body now thinks it is in a “healthy” state of health. For example, when the hypothalamus becomes lazy in regulating the misbehaving pancreas, we have a chronic condition known as diabetes.

At this stage, metabolism is dysfunctional or operates poorly. Problems occur with the Krebs/ATP cycle, assimilation, absorption, elimination, protein synthesis, and the osmosis of oxygen and water (hypoxia and dehydration). There is chronic acidity and resulting acidosis. Not only do you have incorrect pH levels, but inefficient flushing of cellular debris causes you to accumulate acid ash inside and between your cells. These conditions lead to infestations of bacteria and parasites (fungus, yeast and Candida), to “bad” fats (high cholesterol) and lack of viscosity, and to the crystallization of fats and other unassimilated debris into plaque and arthritis. Your food / nutrient digestion and elimination have become deficient and you have lost your healing energy. The problem is now a vicious cycle.


How do you restore cellular health? The holistic approach to cellular health is to first realize that the doctor is the body itself. Each cell is geared to self heal. The doctor is within, not without. After all, this body built itself from one tiny cell and managed quite well without an “external doctor” for decades, defending itself from millions of viral attacks, free radical damage, and constant pollution from food and the air. Holistic health is gained at the cellular level. This view is supportive of “the doctor within,” rather then employing an intervener. I call this approach “winning the war, not just the battle.”

Let me describe how to regain cellular health in five points:

1) First, do no harm: Begin by limiting the causes of cellular toxicity and burden. These include abuse of food, protein and sugar, dead, toxic and depleted food and beverages, and pollutants and toxins of all kinds including mental and emotional negativity. All substances including food, light, and even people, carry energy that can raise or lower your own energy level. Choose wisely; ask yourself before you eat or drink “Is this conducive to health or disease?”
2) Nourish your cells: Eat a high energy diet of fresh organic colorful fruits and vegetables with little meat and fish. Look for the “energy” in foods which we derive from natural minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates and chlorophyll contained in fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

3) Increase cellular efficiency: Beyond avoiding harm and eating good foods, other factors are critical to health. Cellular oxygenation and detoxification can be vastly increased and achieved with movement and aeration. Let me suggest a few means to achieve movement and aeration:

a. Fasting is as important as eating. I call it “getting out of the way.” Fasting has been used as an element of health since the beginning of time. When a cat is sick, it stops eating until it gets better. During the fasting phase of the night, our liver is given a chance to perform a myriad of biochemical processes. Give yourself a chance by introducing safe and short fasts in your life daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

b. We humans must exercise in order for our cell to not rust. The value of exercise has been proven. Enough has been said, so just do it. Move your body, arouse your lymphatic systems and increase your pulse and your temperature moderately. This kills viruses, removes toxins, and balances fats in each cell of your body. Shake every cell in your body with daily exercise like walking, running, qi-gong, yoga, etc.

c. In natural medicine, we say that 50% of toxicity is caused by our emotions and our state of mind. Maintain your spiritual and emotional balance with exercises, yoga, qi-gong, tai chi, prayer, etc.

4) Reprogram the governing organs: With degenerative and chronic conditions, the dietary and lifestyle changes recommended above may not be sufficient to reprogram the governing organs of the brain. To regain the health of your brain organs, you must do more daily. I propose a diet rich in nutrients that are known to be deficient in the brain as well as foods rich in minerals and trace elements, green, blue and red pigments and carotenoids, chlorophylls, fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9, and gamma and alpha lipoic acids, which are “the good fats that heal.” You should also exercise more and engage in energy balancing activities.

5) Introduce Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) into your life: At this point, I suggest a shortcut to brain health. As an additional aid in restoring cellular health and as a magnificent brain food, I recommend BAC. It is an extremely efficient food and the best food complement on earth because it is a blend of microalgae with extraordinary nutritional values.