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Integrative Allopathic and Eastern Medicine:
It’s Just Good Practice

When someone comes to see me I’m not just interested in the physical dimensions, I’m interested in all of the other dimensions.

I see my patients as a whole, as a whole woman, as a whole person.

The concept of an integrated approach, which is evidence-based is a powerful antidote to a lot of the stress that health consumers feel.  And it was a relief to me to also practice what I believe.

Evidence-based means that there is medical literature, there are clinical studies that have been done that show that whatever we’re talking about, whether or not it’s mindful, it’s medication or Tamoxifen is a safe and effective therapy.


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Nutrition Has a Very Important Part to Play

We cannot prevent disease.  We can protect ourselves against disease.  In spite of our best efforts, in spite of our best practices, in spite of our best engagement in the world, we get sick.  So what we can do is really get sick in a well way.  Wellness and health are really supported by a myriad of processes in the body.  It is by really paying attention to the body’s whole system of maintaining a balance that we protect ourselves against chronic illnesses like cancer.  So cancer is not the cause of disease, cancer is the result of the body’s inability to respond to the stresses of living.

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Herbal/Supplement Information

The final installment in our supplement series will take a look at some of the reliable resources available to consumers for supplement and herbal information.

There are several places one can look to find concise information about a botanical supplement. This brief list of sources is evolving, and new credible sources are being compiled as more clinical evidence is validated:


  • The Complete German Commission E Monographs – Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines by Blumenthal M, Goldberg A, Busse WR, Gruenwald J, Hall T, Riggins CW, Rister RS (eds.)

This book is an English translation of the standard European reference for all herbals.

  • The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs by Blumenthal, M.

This book is unique in that it provides a list of all brand-name products used in various clinical trials. This list is particularly useful since all products used in clinical trial must meet current GMP standards, and are thus more likely to be quality products. The book includes concise monographs of about 40 commonly used herbal supplements. It also briefly summarizes the current clinical evidence that supports or refutes the purported claims of the herbal. Continue reading