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If you Googled “most important vegetables to eat”, you would find leafy greens at the top of every list. And there are some pretty good reasons for that. They are one of the richest sources of nutrition and are the … Continue reading

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Quercitin is a bioflavonoid plant chemical found in many fruits and vegetables. Studies show that quercitin  may  protect your liver from permanent damage related to Hepatitis C. Researchers at  UCLA  have shown that Quercitin may  actually block the spread of … Continue reading

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With all the bread choices in the grocery store, how do you know which ones are whole grain? I get this question a lot! I’m sure you know the HEALTHIEST ones are whole grain, but the bread companies do a … Continue reading

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Last article, my nutrition intern shared some awesome smoothie recipes. I hope you tried out at least one of them over the weekend! Here she is doing a demonstration of the creamy avocado smoothie at the YWCA Senior Health & … Continue reading

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You Can Prevent Breast Cancer and Diabetes and Lose Weight Naturally. The Right Foods, Exercise, Herbs and Supplements for Managing Blood Sugar, Body Fat and Weight. A recent study states Overweight, Insulin Resistant Women At Greater Risk Of Advanced Breast … Continue reading

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