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So, we have been cooking for a long time. During the past 4 years, more leaning to meatless meals.  Yes, sometimes more raw or ‘gads!’ vegan.     Tried these on Tuesday for ‘Meatless Monday’.  Yup, that is how it … Continue reading

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Create a masterpiece collage by combining the best of summer vegetables and an array of colors.   When we eat a rainbow we are benefiting from the super antioxidant and cell protective power of phytochemicals.  Every color in our plant … Continue reading

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Ginger Green Smoothie Refresher is simple, cleansing, quick, easy and filled with super nutrients. Rich in super antioxidant cancer fighting cell protection with a hint of ginger that adds spiciness as well as support for digestion and  enhanced inflammation control. … Continue reading

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This is a remarkably simple crunchy salad that is filled with cancer fighting plant chemicals. Arugula is a zesty leafy vegetable in the cabbage family rich in sulforaphanes which promote normal detoxification function. Fennel is an aromatic vegetable rich in … Continue reading

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Eat breakfast. Emphasize protein rather than carbohydrates at breakfast. Eat protein at every meal to support stamina, endurance and immunity Include healthy fats and oils to calm your system Keep blood sugar stable by eating regular meals Eat something healthy BEFORE you go to a … Continue reading

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