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Benefits of a Naturopathic Doctor during Breast Cancer.

There are many ways that women can benefit by working with a naturopathic doctor while they’re going through breast cancer treatment and then after as well.

One of the main things that naturopathic physicians are trained to do is to make sure the things they’re eating, the supplements that they’re taking, the herbs that they’re taking are not going to interfere with their treatment.The worst thing in the world you want to do is make a decision that is as difficult as saying yes to surgery and then take too much vitamin E because you think it’s good for wound healing and then have too much bleeding. Or for example take something like milk thistle or St. John’s Wort right before surgery and have it interfere with the anesthesia.

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Herbs for Overall Breast Health

This is a webinar presented by Dr. Wendy Warner.

…Now, here’s another really important statistic that I like to hammer home to people.  Eighty percent of breast cancer patients have absolutely no family history…..

….Let’s talk a little bit about breast cancer statistics in general.  Because sometimes I feel as though it’s easy to lose track of reality when it comes to talking about breast cancer, especially in October.  It is an important disease and it’s really scary.  But let’s get realistic about what’s actually going on.  Only 15% of breast cancers are diagnosed in anyone under the age of 45…..

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Integrating Botanical Medicine in Cancer Therapies

As an herbalist with 25 years of clinical experience, I witness on a daily basis the remarkable healing properties of plants. Although the foundation of my healing approach is deeply rooted in traditional medical philosophies and practices, I draw extensively upon modern scientific research as a vital cornerstone for my work.

The majority of my patients have been diagnosed with cancer, and many turn to me after they have exhausted all that modern medicine has to offer. Merging traditional nature-based medical systems with modern, scientifically based conventional medical knowledge enables me to significantly help the difficult cases I so often encounter. I have an inner drive to do anything and everything I can for each person I work with to utilize all lens and tools of the various toolboxes, finding the pieces that fit together to promote and sustain healing. It is a true integration of the mind and heart, thinking and praying together. Researching and reviewing the latest scientific studies is part of my daily routine, and this continual stream of research contributes to the rationale for my clinical recommendations.


For example, I utilize biomarkers (such as blood and hormone panels, and in the case of cancer, biomarkers specific to the tumor based on pathology and molecular expression) to provide valuable information for formulating protocols that contribute significantly to both quality-of-life and lifespan. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, I believe it is essential to assess the individual (the “host”), the microenvironment, and the tumor to create a targeted healing protocol. Botanicals are foundational to the healing protocol that I recommend for everyone. This includes using whole herbs, herbal extracts, super concentrated herbal extracts, and herbal isolates, all of which provide my patients with a significantly enhanced quality-of-life, and often, a longer life as well.
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