Cannabis – Whole Plant Medicine

It’s important to look into whole plant medicine when exploring cannabis for optimal healing benefits. There are over 600 cannabinoids in cannabis.  It’s not enough to isolate them.  Listen as Julie Dooley of Julie’s Natural Edibles shares about utilizing all cannabinoids in a plant to maximize pain relief, nerve calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. Hear what makes hemp different and why some producers use it.

Therapeutic Fasting and Chemo Side Effects

Supporting the whole person and managing the side effects of chemo is important in cancer care.

Listen as Dr Dave Allderdice, ND, FABNO, explores how nausea, fatigue, hair loss, neuropathy, vomiting and other chemo side effects can be reduced by utilizing therapeutic fasting along-side treatment.  Learn how naturopathic doctors support the whole person and provide healthy building blocks during cancer care.  Dr Alderdice also shares the importance of nourishing the body in-between chemo to undergo treatment in as healthy a manner as possible.