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    It’s not very enlightened of me, but I can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian and her failed nuptials these days.  Although the ending is predictable, I can’t help but divulge myself in the sordid details of what led … Continue reading

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A Four-Part Series by Susan Silberstein, PhD, Center for Advancement in Cancer Education Previously in this series, we have discussed “diet and demographics,” “the bad news,” and “the good news.”  Continuing with the empowering aspects of dietary change, let us … Continue reading

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I ride my bicycle, answer the phone, hold a meeting, write a paper, mince garlic, rake leaves, sleep, breathe, while my body quietly lives. An amazing organism; this body is in constant production, destruction, and repair. It is responsible for … Continue reading

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Breast cancer is usually not a surgical emergency, it is an emotional emergency. And what happens is when someone gets diagnosed suddenly everything else around them stops, and for the most part almost every cancer you have time to find … Continue reading

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Rolfing for better balance and alignment during and after breast cancer treatments. Learn how Rolfing can help overcome some of the stress in breast cancer treatments and bring your body back into better alignment. When you’re working with Rolfing around … Continue reading

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