Cannabis & Cancer
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Debunking the Marijuana CBD Versus Hemp ...

It would be difficult to fail to notice the surge in meaningful media attention to the health and wellness benefits of CBD. Even the most entrenched opponents of cannabis legalization have relented, under the weight of emerging research.  Of course, history and testimony to the medicinal use of cannabis is far and deep, reaching into antiquity. While marijuana - including CBD (cannabidiol) oil products made from marijuana - must comply with seed-to-sale state laws that make these products ...

Dressing for Barley Apple Fennel Salad
by Sandra Gargus

  • Turmeric Supreme: Pain by Gaia HerbsDescription: This herbal formula combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts to support a healthy pain response.* Feverfew, Devil’s Claw, and Ginger have each been studied for their role in supporting the body's reaction to occasional pain.* Black Pepper extract is i ...

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Lauryn Sires

Cancer Coach

What does WELLNESS have to do with CANCER?? Although it seems like an oxymoron to include those two words - wellness and cancer - in the same sente...

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