Cannabis & Cancer
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Spirituality—What’s the big deal?

The term “spirituality” has gotten a bad rap, I think, over the past decade. I rather think the whole idea of making “spirituality” good or bad is rather funny, giving that human beings are naturally spiritual. Indeed, in the broader sense, spirituality simply refers to the profound sense that one is connected to something much larger than self. You can feel this way at any given moment—while praying, basking under some glorious rays of sunshine, or hitting a perfect shot while play ...

Moroccan Pesto
by Rebecca Katz

  • TopricinDescription: Topricin provides pain relief by improving circulation and attracting and stimulating the body's healing chemistries at the site of pain. Topricin delivers reliable pain relief, improving quality-of-life, and providing a strong adjunct to professional car ...


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Lauryn Sires

Cancer Coach

What does WELLNESS have to do with CANCER?? Although it seems like an oxymoron to include those two words - wellness and cancer - in the same sente...

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