Cannabis & Cancer
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Spirituality—What’s the big deal?

The term “spirituality” has gotten a bad rap, I think, over the past decade. I rather think the whole idea of making “spirituality” good or bad is rather funny, giving that human beings are naturally spiritual. Indeed, in the broader sense, spirituality simply refers to the profound sense that one is connected to something much larger than self. You can feel this way at any given moment—while praying, basking under some glorious rays of sunshine, or hitting a perfect shot while play ...

Green Machine
by 4wholeness Advocate

  • Sexy After CancerDescription: In Sexy After Cancer, my new groundbreaking book, I share the mysteries, challenges, delights and changes to sexuality that come with breast cancer. The focus of this book is primarily on your heart, your mind, your spirit and your body, specifically your ...


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You can take the fear and confusion out of beating the cancer odds and getting well by discovering the many ways to heal your body and improve your...

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